October 2005
Why I Love My Husband
March 2005
The Gates
October 2004
Happy Anniverary, My Love
September 2004
We Love Our Kitchen
August 2004
As Predicted: A Leisurely Evening
Poolside BBQ
Raffle Results
Slot Silliness, Plus More Bingo and Even More Food
Our Spirits Get Soaked
Thursday Bullet Points
Our Way: Buffet
Yo Quiero Miami
Hurricane Alex
Fruit Salads and Avoiding the Crowds
Pinball in the Hall on Deck 9
National Lampoon's Norwegian Dawn
Enchiladas, Por Favor
Up the Gangway
Train in Rain
January 2004
Box-Cutting and Couch
All By Myself
Day 32: Final Payment
Day 31: Never Has Putting Away Dishes Been So Much Fun
Day 31: Hardware, Insulation, and a Yummy Red Couch
Day 30: Running Water
Day 30: The Countertops are Complete
Day 30: Countertops!
Day 29: Off Day
Day 28: The Dust Bowl
Cooking Without Countertops
We Cave and Call The Plumber
Day 27: The Car Moves Back Into the Garage
Day 26: Santa, Is That You?
Day 26: The Fridge
Day 25: Stairway to Bedroom
Day 24: Lighting and Trim Redux
Day 23: Arguments
Day 22: Traditional Trim
Day 22: The Sink Arrives Unannounced
December 2003
Day 21: Microwave!
Day 20: All Quiet
Day 19: Upper Cabinets and Oven
Day 18: Packing Paper Everywhere
Day 17: The Cabinets Come in From the Cold
Day 16: Patching and Insulation
Day 16: Moving the Pipe
Day 15: The Grout Goes In
Day 15: Status Update
Day 15: The Tile Guys
The Pipe Debate, Redux
Day 14: The Great Pipe Debate
Day 13: The Turning Point
Day 12: The Cabinets Arrive
Day 11: The Appliances Arrive
Day 10: Evidence of Electrical Work
Day 9: Exposed Wires and Leaky Pipes
Day 8: Something Electrical This Way Comes
Day 7: Where Are the Cabinets?
Day 6: The Rice Disappears, Along With the Drywall
Day 5: Tarp and Rice
Day 4: Nada
Day 3: Move 'Em Out!
Day 2: Piles of Crap
Goodbye, Ugly Cabinets
November 2003
Moving Day, Part Deux
The House Is Almost Ours
September 2003
Inspector Gabby
Cherry Is So Very Cheery
A New Life
Beautiful Day Strikes Philadelphia
August 2003
Flux and Upheaval, Indeed!
June 2003
Miss Boops Meets the Penguin
April 2003
Great Guy for Hire
It's a Bird, It's a Plane...
March 2003
Al Works Hard
Taking It Out on Al
House Hunters
Two Become One
Elmo's Last Day
The ROI of Golf
February 2003
January 2003
Last Day in Korea
The Joy of the Loop
Where is the Cold Weather I Was Promised?
Wedding Day
Busy Friday
Welcome to Seoul
November 2002
Thank Yous and Recommendations
You're In A Marriage Now