October 06, 2004
Happy Anniverary, My Love

Two years ago today, I married the perfect guy for me, the guy anyone who knew me would have said didn't exist. If I'd never met this perfect guy, I would have spent my entire life happily single. Instead, I'm spending it happily married.

I slide the ring onto Al's finger

We've become our own little unit of two (soon to be three!). Amazingly, this man managed to meet my toughest criterion: he's someone whose company I enjoy as much as being alone.

the kiss

He was brave enough to take on someone who could be described as difficult, tempermental, impatient, and high-maintenance. He supports me emotionally, physically, and financially—something I never thought I'd need or even want. Now I thank him for it every day.

just married

He warms my heart, makes me laugh until I can't breathe, encourages me on the ice and on the golf course, and assures me every day that I'll be a great mom.

contemplating dim sum in San Francisco

This man can discuss politics, science, technology, baseball, football, finances.... In short, he can captivate me for hours with his brain—and even longer with his face.

discussing the news over coffee at Starbucks

Thank you, my love, for everything you've given me and everything you've been to me. And most of all, thanks for saying Yes. I'm looking forward to growing old with you.

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October 17, 2004

As I mentioned on this site recently, Al and I marked our second wedding anniversary on October 6. My mom e-mailed a few days later to ask if we'd done anything special to celebrate, and I responded with the following:

Since Al was home sick from work that day, we just ordered Chinese food in rather than going out. We're going to Mechanicsburg this weekend for an overnight stay (he has to work out there on Friday), but that's not really anniversary-related. Hope to see some fall foliage.

As it turned out, our two days in Mechanicsburg were more anniversary-related than I could have imagined, in that (a) the drive out there and the tooling around in the car reminded us of our honeymoon road trip, and (b) two days of Al pointing enthusiastically at his childhood landmarks ("that's where my best friend, Steve Schaeffer, lived—right behind us!" and "there's Jorgen Harle's house—his dad was an architect!" and "that copy store used to be a 7-11, and the Tasty Freeze was over there, and wait, where's the Drug Fair? we used to ride our bikes there like every day...") made me fall in love with him all over again.

It was so special to be able to learn about Al's childhood—a childhood that was obviously very happy—and to understand why he speaks so fondly of Mechanicsburg. As we walked around his old elementary school playground and down Main Street, drove around his old neighborhood, visited old haunts like Jo-Jos Pizza and Capital City Mall, and photographed intersections, shops, pathways, and portals, I began to feel a part of his whole life, not just his adult life.

Over the course of the weekend, I became more sure than ever that he'd be a wonderful father, that enduring endless I told you sos from all those "nyah, nyah, you'll change your mind" hosers would be worth it to provide this incredible man the opporunity to parent. I'm not sure anyone else could have convinced me to have a child—or made me as happy to be along for the ride. I am so glad I married this man.

Oh, and we saw some amazing fall foliage. See the photos.

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