August 03, 2004
Hurricane Alex

Waiting for a bus at Cocoa Village. Got off the ship this morning and took a shuttle bus to Cocoa Beach (organized by the cruise as a "shore excursion", $14), then took public transportation to Merritt Mall and Cocoa Village. (Conversation on the public bus: Me to teenage girl sitting to my right: "Is the mall the next stop?" Teenage girl sitting to my right: "No, Wal-Mart is first, then the mall.") I'm wondering now if I should have stopped at Wal-Mart; there might have been more to see. It's VERY, VERY hot out, and this bus stop is in full sun. I only found one store I wanted to visit in Cocoa Village (most businesses were lunch cafes or coffee shops with no A/C and nothing to offer me, since I'm full up on free cruise food), so I only got a brief break from the sun and heat. The mall offered A/C, thankfully, but little else except very sad (but very cute) puppies at the pet store. I'm ready to go back and spend some time in the shade on the ship.

Last night I was extremely seasick, as we passed what turned into Hurricane Alex. We got up for the Chocoholic's Buffet at 2pm, and later restocked at the mini version in the casino at 5:15pm, but after that I was down for the count. Al brought me back some shrimp cocktail and fruit from the buffet, and later we ordered a fruit plate from the limited room service menu, but that's about all I could keep down. Eyes closed, head on pillow was the order of the evening. It felt like the worst days of the first trimester of pregnancy.

This morning was MUCH calmer as we cruised into Port Canaveral. Al got ready for his golf outing, and I went to work out in the Fitness Center. I rode the bike, walked on the treadmill, lifted some free weights, and then weighed myself. With my shorts, sports bras (two, since I've got pregnancy boobs out the wazoo), and sneakers on, I weighed 172. Not too bad. I then went and had a low-key breakfast in the Garden Cafe, surrounded by nutty families.

me appreciating the skinny mirror me appreciating the skinny mirror me appreciating the skinny mirror

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