December 23, 2003
Day 16: Patching and Insulation

While the plumbers were working, a new workmate of Jack's (name unknown) was patching and sanding the circular holes in the basement soffit. There's lots of banging and drilling noises coming from the kitchen now, so I'm assuming that the soffit work is done and the cabinet hanging has started. I'm going to go take a peek.

Nope, no hanging yet—just getting ready to hang. The unidentified guy is putting up some metal trim on the dining room doorway, and Jack has re-hung the plywood and is adding some insulation around the ductwork, I believe.

adding a metal strip to the doorway jack opens a roll of insulation you can't even tell the pipe was there a very expensive laser level, according to Rylan markings on the drywall show where the cabinets will go measurements for the cabinets a caulking gun hangs on the wall the metal strip has been spackled

Posted by Lori at December 23, 2003 01:09 PM