December 24, 2003
Day 17: The Cabinets Come in From the Cold

Jack and Rylan were here for a couple hours this morning, during which time they moved the lower cabinets into the kitchen and polyurethaned the wood floor transitions. The cabinets look GREAT, but the kitchen just shrank to about half its previous size. I have to keep reminding myself that it was a tiny kitchen before anyway; any illusion I had that it was larger was caused by the removal of the old cabinets, appliances, wall, and ceiling.

My cousin M asked this weekend how big our kitchen was, and I said it was about the size of my parents' sunroom, where we happened to be sitting at the time. My dad said, "oh, no, it's bigger than this. *With* the cabinets in you probably have as much floor space as this room." I looked at the kitchen after it was tiled, and I was pretty sure I was right about the size. Now that the cabinets are in, I'm more sure than ever that I was right. The table we were sitting around in the sunroom would fit in the center of our kitchen, but the chairs likely would not.

Actually, since we used 13x13 tiles, it's pretty easy to figure out the size of the room. By counting tiles from the Day 15 photos, I'd say it's about 9' x 11'. Definitely small—but boy, will it be beautiful when it's done.

the view from the hall our current kitchen lighting the cabinets on the dining room wall the sponge drawer in the sink cabinet the cabinets along the chimney wall the box that will hold the oven and cooktop the newly-polyurethaned transition strips

Posted by Lori at December 24, 2003 10:58 AM