December 26, 2003
Day 18: Packing Paper Everywhere

Al and I left early this morning to do some day-after-Christmas shopping at the three C's—Crane's, Crate & Barrel, and Cloggenhoggen (Al's name for Conshohoken, where there's an IKEA)—and by the time we returned home, Jack had been and gone. The lower cabinets are actually installed flush against the walls now, the lightbulbs are sticking out of newly-cut ceiling holes, and the lightswitch on the hall wall is hooked up (no more plugging in bare wires or extension cords in the dining room). The combination of a few more inches of floorspace and the brighter lighting give the kitchen a more spacious feel than it had on Tuesday.

I had suggested to Al last week that we unpack the kitchen boxes *before* the kitchen was finished, so we would have time to sort through all the stuff before we put it away. Our movers were shocked to find that the kitchen in Mountain View yielded 14 dishpack boxes (the estimate for a kitchen that size was 7 or 8), which means we have too many dishes, glasses, silverware, and gadgets.

Tonight is the night we're starting the unpacking process—Al is downstairs working on it right now—and I can already tell we're going to run out of garbage bags. Not for the dishes, which we'll set aside for donation, but for all that packing paper. Our movers double- and triple-wrapped everything we have!

holes for the recessed lighting the new switch (the old one was a dimmer) this box is now oven-ready the plumbing is now inside the box I think this veneer is for the fridge box slide out drawers the wood transitions have gone in everything goes in a basket or bin Al unloads some tonic water we're being buried in packing paper

Posted by Lori at December 26, 2003 11:48 PM