December 29, 2003
Day 19: Upper Cabinets and Oven

Jack, Rylan, and Unidentified Guy arrived early today (actually, I think Rylan and U.G. were here first) and worked until about 5:00. I was busy painting the master bedroom the same color as the master bath, so I didn't go down much, but boy, was it LOUD. Al called in the middle of some serious powertooling, and I couldn't hear him.

When all the noise was over and I heard Jack leave, I went down to see what they'd been up to. The fridge box and the cabinets above it are up, as are the upper cabinets along the sink wall. The oven and cooktop are also in place.

I was feeling a bit depressed in general tonight, and while moping in my chair, I suddenly thought, "what if we've gotten so used to not having a kitchen that we don't use the new one once it's done?" I mentioned this to Al, and he said he'd had the same worry. I think the reason it'd popped into my head is that I was thinking about washing my hands in the kitchen, and that reminded me of washing my hands in the OLD kitchen. What a gloomy place it was! Dark and cold and grungy. Our new kitchen will be so different... and I'm sure when I'm in a cheerier mood I'll go back to thinking about all the wonderful dinners and baked goods I'll be able to make.

the fridge box where the compactor and dishwasher will go the upper cabinets ahave started going in there's a cooktop under that cardboard a closeup of our new oven

Bonus before-and-after photos of the master bedroom:

headboard and window the tv on the dresser bathroom wall the clothes closets

Posted by Lori at December 29, 2003 09:32 PM