December 23, 2003
Day 16: Moving the Pipe

Dennis and Fred, the plumbers, are here, moving the wastewater pipe behind the framing. We're not positive, but we think it's costing us a bit more to move it now that the drywall and plywood are up than it would have if they were still down.

The good news is that the plywood they removed to get to the pipe exposed some duct work that we hadn't photographed before. It must have been done on Thursday or Friday, while I was gone and Al was at work. (You can see the duct, and the marking on the plywood that I'm assuming indicates where the vent should go, in the last photo.)

some of the plywood had to come down dennis and fred fred the pipe, now behind the framing the view from where the toilet should be the hole in the plywood is no longer necessary!

Posted by Lori at December 23, 2003 10:16 AM