December 17, 2003
Day 12: The Cabinets Arrive

I'm in Maryland at my sister's house, so Al is in charge of taking progress photos tonight. I'll add them to this post when I get back on Sunday. He says they finished wiring the outlets today, and that—drumroll, please—the cabinets arrived. I told Jack before I left this morning to go ahead and put them in the garage if they came; it won't be a big deal to park the car behind the garage for a few days when we return. (The cabinets probably won't be installed until next week.)

the wiring on the dining room wall more wiring the back wall outlets are done wiring for the new recessed lighting the cabinets stacked in the garage (view from doorway) the cabinets viewed from the alley

Posted by Lori at December 17, 2003 09:51 PM