December 18, 2003
Day 13: The Turning Point

Today's update is again via Al, who was home in the evening to see the results of the day's work. The biggest development is that the drywall (and some plywood) is back up. This marks a turning point for us, as we'll be able to see things going in from now on, rather than coming out. (To be fair, the days of wiring constituted new, constructive work, but wiring is not as easy to appreciate as drywall, tile or cabinets—and the wiring work often required some extra demolition.)

In other news, a few days ago I came up with a theory as to why the wastewater pipe was leaking intermittently (which I won't share here). Al related it to Jack, Jack concurred, and it was agreed that we would have the plumber come in to repair the leaky flange. Al and I discussed changing out the toilet at the same time, since Al didn't like the existing toilet, and it doesn't match the new green paint anyway. (The bathroom used to be painted the same color as the toilet, but now that the walls are green, it makes more sense for the toilet to match the white tub.) He has searched the web and picked out a new toilet, and it will be installed tomorrow when the plumber comes.

the cabinets will apparently be attached to the plywood the dining room wall, now with drywall and plywood the fridge wall. I wonder if the gap will be covered? the old toilet (and new paint)

Posted by Lori at December 18, 2003 08:57 PM