December 21, 2003
The Pipe Debate, Redux

Al looked at the pipe again when we got home tonight, and he's decided that he wants to move it. Even though he asked me specifically to dissuade him from changing his mind about boxing it, I know that this is the right thing to do, so I'm OK with the decision.

Al just called Jack, and the call confirmed that we've done the right thing: Moving the pipe won't set us back more than 1/2 a day at most, so our #1 concern is not an issue. And the cost, while nothing to sneeze at, isn't huge in the grand scheme of things. Having to look at that boxed pipe—especially for Al, who's a "buyer's remorse" kind of guy—would be a lot worse.

Jack said the plumbers will come out on Tuesday morning, and if he has time once they're done, he'll start hanging cabinets. Yeah, baby!

Posted by Lori at December 21, 2003 08:51 PM