April 04, 2003
It's a Bird, It's a Plane...

On Sunday I was still feeling under the weather, but I decided to use my one burst of energy to plant the herbs I'd bought on Saturday afternoon. We'd picked up some facemasks at Home Depot on Saturday morning, since I wasn't sure if I'd gotten this crazy sinus infection from inhaling spores or something last weekend, and I didn't want to take that risk again. So I got up on Sunday, pulled on some jeans, donned the faskmask and the tinted safety goggles my brother in law bought for me years ago (and which I usually use as sunglasses while biking), and strapped on my hockey shin pads, so I could kneel on the deck pain-free.

I caught sight of my reflection in the window to the office, and I laughed out loud. My hair was sticking out at odd angles, and with all the gear on, I looked totally bizarre. I yelled to Al to come look.

"You look like some kind of superhero," he said.

"What, like Freakazoid?"

"No, more like Extreme Safety Boy."

mild-mannered software engineer Lori dons gardening gear and becomes... Extreme Safety Boy!

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April 15, 2003

I just got a reminder from the Wedding Channel: With 12 weeks to go, I need to pick out my wedding day fragrance! What it really reminded me was that if we'd gone with our original date of June 28, 2003, we wouldn't be married yet. Hard to imagine.

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April 17, 2003
Great Guy for Hire

I can't remember if I've mentioned this before here, but Al's looking for a job. He left his last one a couple months ago, and after taking some time off for himself, he's started the search for a new one. If you're looking for a hands-on software engineering manager or something similar, have a glance at his resume and see if he fits the bill. He's a smart, creative, hard-working individual with years of exerperience and a positive attitude. What's not to love?

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