December 04, 2003
Day 3: Move 'Em Out!

I was home today when Jack and another guy drove up in a panel truck and started clearing out all the appliances and cabinets. The whole process took about an hour, with lots of swearing and arguing over what would fit through the door and what wouldn't, and constituted the work for the day.

The photos below show the kitchen sans cabinets and appliances; the dining room, which is currently a staging area for our Toss and Sell piles as well as Jack's tools; and the wastewater pipe. In the last photo, you can also see Annie walking down the stairs.

it's all gone but the trash can the cabinets remain, but the sink is gone the Toss pile and the Tools pile more tools, and the doorway to the kitchen the wastewater pipe, and Annie

Posted by Lori at December 04, 2003 04:53 PM