December 15, 2003
Day 10: Evidence of Electrical Work

I was here for most of the work today, but I didn't ask what was going on. As a consequence, taking photos tonight was a Myst-like experience in puzzle-solving. Here are the clues:

new tools have shown up a new pile of lumber appears in the corner I'm assuming the saw is for the new framing timbers the leaky pipe has been fixed hm, there's some duct work in the trash the old recessed lighting is gone the old recessed lighting is gone, part deux here are the old lights, in the basement! the rice bags didn't leave, they just relocated to the basement I don't remember these holes in the basement soffit geez, here are some more! some stuff appears to be hanging from the soffit another look at the hanging boxes ah, they're hanging from yet another hole Al confirmed that this was a compressor a big duct, and Annie how Annie gets dirty paws

Posted by Lori at December 15, 2003 11:59 PM