August 01, 2004
Up the Gangway

We've arrived on the ship after surviving the chaos of taxicabs, rude porters, piles of luggage, and disembarking and just-embarking passengers outside the terminal, and the Disney-like consecutive rope lines of passport and document checks, security checks, registration, and key card pickup inside the terminal. Actually seeing the ship as we walked along the sidewalk outside the terminal (the cab dropped us off at the Norwegian Crown rather than the Norwegian Dawn) kinda creeped me out a little; all those lifeboats make me think of the Titanic. Now that I'm on board, though, it feels like a bit like a Disney theme hotel (minus the Mickeys). The ship is much prettier from the inside and on deck than it looks from the dock.

Our stateroom is so lovely, and exactly like the virtual tour on the Expedia site (it's the reverse of the photo on the NCL site). It actually looks like we could have the exact stateroom that Expedia photographed (it's a BB Oceanview Cabin with Balcony). It's about the size we were expecting, and very well laid out. Al has already made us a reservation at Salsa, one of the no-extra-charge specialty restaurants that the Expedia review recommended, for 6:30pm, and I've booked a pedicure at the spa for 4:30pm. At 3:30pm there's a mandatory lifeboat drill (!); maybe seeing them up close will reassure me and banish thoughts of the Titanic.

me appreciating the skinny mirror

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