November 04, 2003
The House Is Almost Ours

I've been counting the days until we close on the new house for a couple weeks now, for several reasons: I want more elbow room; I'm dying to get access to the rest of my clothes; Annie's claws are getting dangerously long, and I packed the cat clippers; we need to measure the living room to make sure the couch we want will fit; I want to start building up a pantry so I can actually *cook*; and I need a little music in my life (preferably something other than the thumping dance tunes permeating the wall we share with our next-door-neighbor at the Ben). Yesterday, a new and more urgent reason got added to the list: I CAN'T WAIT TO GET OUT OF OUR TEMPORARY APARTMENT.

The apartment has been very convenient, but now it's starting to get on my nerves. There's nowhere to put anything; consequently, our stuff is ALL OVER THE PLACE. The relocation company provided a vacuum cleaner, but it's so loud—and at the same time, so ineffective—that it's not worth vacumming. (It also doesn't have a built-in HEPA filter like my vaccum does, so vacuuming guarantees an allergy attack.) There's a whole list of annoyances, from dishes to storage to sharing a bathroom (horrors!), but I won't go through them all in detail. Suffice it to say that I feel depressed when I even think about entering that apartment, and that getting the keys to our new house will be liberating indeed.

Phase two of the Liberation will occur next Thursday, when the movers—and my clothes, and Annie's nail clippers—arrive. Al and I are already planning our own, do-it-yourself Clean Sweep, complete with Keep, Sell, and Toss areas (we'll use different rooms, since we don't have a yard). We did a lot of weeding in the year leading up to the move, but we've got more to go through, and we've learned some great new tips from the Clean Sweep organizers.

Phase three of the Liberation will come around the end of January, if all goes according to plan. That's when our kitchen remodel should be complete. Al and I are still waffling on Corian vs. granite (we've picked out a Corian, but we're reserving the right to change our minds once the floor and cabinets go in—and once we see how well we're sticking to the budget. If we're at all over, Corian it is), but we finally settled on a floor tile, and the work will probably start as soon as we get the keys to the house.

Three more days to go. WOO FREAKIN' HOO!

Posted by Lori at November 04, 2003 07:57 AM


Lori, am I missing it or is there not an address to which I can send you an e-mail rather than post a public comment?

Posted by: Chuck at November 7, 2003 8:21 PM

That's the way it works, yes. The comment link is for posting public comments. I don't advertise my e-mail address.

Posted by: Lori at November 10, 2003 8:02 AM

Okay, public comment it is, though much that I might have included falls by the wayside.

First, let me say I got totally hooked on your hockey journal (which, by the way, I found by searching for "Burnaby 8 Rinks," where I've played weekly pickup hockey since way back -- back when it was Burnaby 4 Rinks in fact). I found much to identify with, and the one personal observation I will make here is that I'm going to try to be more patient with newbies from now on -- this as a direct result of your accounts of your first two years. Thanks for the candor in your journal.

Skipping now to movies. "The Business of Strangers" with Stockard Channing and Julia Stiles concerns the choices and sacrifices career women make and the toll it can take. I don't think it's likely to make your list elsewhere on the site, but it's an overlooked gem that's worth a look.

Hope to see your hockey journal continue some day.

Posted by: Chuck at November 10, 2003 2:55 PM