January 10, 2004

Al and I were both too lazy to take showers before going to bed last night, and I'm afraid we're paying for it today. When I tried to take a shower this morning, I found that there was hot water galore, but no cold. Given that it's 7 degrees outside, we're pretty sure we know what happened: One of the pipes froze.

Al finally managed to pry open an access panel in the storage room to expose the copper pipes behind it, but we don't think they're the right ones. They don't feel that cold, and warming them didn't produce any cold water in the tub. We've turned off the water for now to prevent the problem pipe from bursting, and we've moved the car and a small portable heater into the garage on the theory that the pipe in question is behind the soffit out there. The garage is currently brutally cold (as are the storage room and basement, though less brutally). The third floor, meanwhile, is unbearably hot. God, how I wish we had zone heating!

Posted by Lori at January 10, 2004 01:56 PM