January 05, 2004
Day 23: Arguments

Al spoke with Jack about the trim on the phone this morning while I was at the allergist, and then I spoke with him in person when I got home. I didn't quite understand the conclusions that Al came to from his conversation, but what I got from Jack was that this trim is considered the most contemporary (!!). All the other options are more ornate. Jack and Ry can try to cut the trim so that it's flatter, but the mitered edges might be hard to work with, and there aren't enough scraps for error. He did say that it wouldn't be too much of a problem to flatten out the top trim (which has yet to be installed).

Meanwhile, some of the under-cabinet lighting has already gone in. I think Al's position is that he'd rather lose the lighting than have the ugly trim. I hate the ugly trim but don't want to lose the lighting, so I guess I don't have a firm position yet (I want the impossible—nice trim *and* under-cabinet lighting).

In addition to trim problems, the cabinets-before-ceiling-spackling issue came home to roost. Jack and Rylan got into a shouting match over whose idea it was to put the cabinets up before the ceiling was done, so maybe that plan I thought they had wasn't so well laid out. There's now ceiling dust in and on the cabinets, as predicted, and bits of spackle, too. I'm assuming they can be washed or scraped off without too much trouble...

No day's work is without an upside, however; Jack says the oven and cooktop are now hooked up. As with the microwave, however, it's taking a little getting used to the idea that we have another cooking option at our disposal. I microwaved a frozen Indian entree, and Al picked a fresh one up at an Indian restaurant on the way home. Maybe I'll boil eggs or make oatmeal tomorrow... though I don't want to try anything *too* complicated until we have a countertop and a sink in which to wash dishes. The master bathroom is becoming overrun with forks, spoons, plates, and bowls.

the cooktop ry spackling the ceiling the sink, in situ toe kick view from the stairs (no drape!)

Posted by Lori at January 05, 2004 09:19 PM