January 06, 2004
Day 24: Lighting and Trim Redux

So I talked to Jack this morning, and it turns out that losing the under-cabinet lighting is not an option (which is a big relief for me), not because of the aesthetics, but because of the wiring: It's all in already, and removing it would mean tearing the walls down again. We talked about trim options again, and decided that he would try to modify the existing trim to see if he could make it more palatable to us. If it turned out that the trim was too hard to modify, or if they ruined any of it in the process, they'd have to buy some cherry wood and design a custom solution for us.

It turned out that modifying it wasn't too difficult, and there are now two options to choose from: Flat or beveled. Personally, I prefer the beveled, and so does Rylan. We'll have to see what Al thinks, since small details bother him more than they do me.

the flat option the beveled option

Other stuff that happened today: The rest of the under-cabinet lighting went in, and most of the recessed-light canisters did too. Now that the recessed lights are in, the lighting from above is considerably more subtle, making the under-cabinet lights all the more necessary. There was also lots of drilling and drawer manipulation, but I'm not sure what the goals of those activities were (I witnessed them, but I didn't ask what they were for). Oh, and Jack installed the phone jack plate on the dining room wall (it used to be on the wall adjacent to the basement stairs). He put in a plate that has a power adapter built into it, so we could mount a cordless phone base or a phone/answering machine combo on it. His cordless job phone is mounted on there for the time being.

jack drills (left) while rylan works on the drawers the under-cabinet lighting the recessed lights the phone jack (with Jack's phone)

Posted by Lori at January 06, 2004 06:38 PM