January 02, 2004
Day 22: Traditional Trim

Jack arrived at about 9:30 and said, "I see the sink arrived before I did." I told him I paid the guy, and he said he would subtract the amount from our next progress payment.

Jack left not long after, and Rylan and U.G. (aka Ron, I found out yesterday) took over, spackling the wall adjacent to the basement stairs, installing the trash compactor and diswasher, and applying the trim around the bottom of the cabinets. Oh, the trim around the cabinets! We really do hate it. We know that Shaker is considered a traditional style, but we think of it as rather contemporary in its simplicity, and we love the straight, square lines. The trim is rounded and way too traditional-looking for us. Unfortunately, no trim seems not to be an option, since it's there to hide the under-cabinet lighting. Rats! Al is going to call Jack this weekend and see if there's anything that can be done; I think he's willing to lose the under-cabinet lighting, if necessary, to get rid of the out-of-whack trim.

More bad news: The countertop template guys got "hung up" and didn't make it. We've been assured that they will come on Monday. I had asked Rylan yesterday if the fridge would be going in today, and he said possibly. At the end of the day, he said they'd decided not to put it in because the ceiling still needed to be spackled and sanded, and they didn't want the dust clogging up the compressor. This, of course, made us wonder why they hadn't finished the ceiling before putting the *cabinets* up, since the dust will get all over (and in) the cabinets, too. (Actually, Al was wondering this the other day, now that I think of it; I hopefully replied, "well, they probably have a plan.")

On a more positive note, the trash compactor is hooked up, so Al is free to crush away.

the newly-spackled wall the cabinet trim a closeup of the cabinet trim. the wires are for the under-cabinet lighting the fridge trim, which we really like new cabinet doors over the microwave the compactor and dishwasher the view from the hall

Posted by Lori at January 02, 2004 07:51 PM