August 05, 2004
Thursday Bullet Points

Woke up irritable, spent rest of day laughing.
Ate leisurely breakfast (at the Garden Cafe, of course), then caught tender (i.e., boat that holds 320 people) to Great Stirrup Cay, NCL's "private island". Found beach too crowded and smoky (from the BBQ), so we walked toward the lighthouse. The mosquitos found us a bit too tasty, however, and the heat and humidity demanded more drinking water than we had, so we only walked about a mile. We caught the next tender back, changed into our bathing suits, and went up to Deck 12.
Oasis Pool was relatively empty; for most of the time we had the small whirlpool area in front of Topsiders Bar to ourselves. It was GREAT. 82° was the perfect temperature for cooling off without getting cold, and the salt water made me extra buoyant. We wished we'd brought a waterproof camera to get some underwater belly shots.
After swimming we came back to the room, showered and changed, ate lunch at the Garden Cafe (they have a yummy Indian Vegetarian line at lunchtime), and then spent the afternoon playing games.
We played Scrabble (with the wrong number of tiles, we discovered—we sorted them out when we were done, so the next people wouldn't get two Xs but only four As), Bingo, and Texas Hold 'Em all in one day. Bingo was fairly high-stakes, but we played more for fun than in hopes that we'd win any jackpots. We figure we've been so fortunate in our daily lives lately, getting a Bingo jackpot would somehow unbalance the Universal Scales of Justice. Texas Hold 'Em was played with a couple kids who came into Shuffles Card Room—James, 16, and his stepbrother Eric, 13, both from Connecticut. Eric's brother Jake, 10, watched, and Mike, 14, came in later to watch Eric win and to collect James for some illicit clubbing. (James asked us if some party/disco/happy hour/god-knows-what-nightlife would be happening again tonight, and we said we didn't know. He said he was able to get in last night without being stopped by any crewmembers—and he was only 16! That's how we ended up asking about everybody's ages. Now that I think of it, both Al and I were more than twice as old as anybody else at the table... and, of course, utterly clueless about clubbing options onboard. I guess it's time to part with the illusion that we're hip.)
Lori: "Cruising is like Family Camp at a 3 1/2 star hotel... that floats."

the weekly belly shot our ship docked off Great Stirrup Cay Al on the Cay by Topsiders Bar

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