January 14, 2004
Day 30: Running Water

Now that the countertops are in, Jack is busy installing the faucet, the airswitch for the disposal, and a strip of under-cabinet outlets. I think he's here later than he really wanted to be; apparently the Corian guys were a bit behind schedule.

It turns out that the switches that have been hanging out of the walls for a few days were temporary; the new ones that are going in are all black, except for the phone jack. The normal on/off toggle switch on the stair wall has been replaced by a combination on/off toggle and dimmer switch. Personally, I preferred the on/off toggle only; I don't share the previous owners' obsession with dimmer switches (which are EVERYWHERE).

the cooktop and faucet haven't gone in yet cooktop in, faucet going in more sanding jack installs the outlet strip under the cabinets end of day

Posted by Lori at January 14, 2004 05:27 PM