August 07, 2004
Raffle Results

We decided not to participate in the morning Bingo session today, mainly because the buy-in was too expensive. (The card options vary from session to session; for example, the first time we played it was buy-one-get-one-free for three cards per game for four games at $29, and the second time it was three cards for five games for $19 each. You could also get one card per game for $9 in that session, and there were more expensive options as well. This morning's lowest buy-in was $39 per person, which seemed too steep to us given that we were in it for fun, not money.) Instead we hung out through the first two games, awaiting the raffle drawing after game two. Sadly, we didn't win, and our 6-pack of Krack-Its (kind of like Scratchers, only with Advent calendar-like peel-back panels instead of messy silver coating) did not yield the other free cruise, either. I guess we'll just have to save a little if we want to send mom and dad on a cruise.

Now that we're back at sea my nausea has returned, especially after sitting in the Spinnaker Lounge, which is all the way forward. Apparently it's not unusual for the waters to be rough in the Atlantic, even without a hurricane nearby. Nevertheless, we are going to avail ourselves of the Fitness Center in the aft portion of the ship and try to work off some of the buffet food. I hope I can stay on the treadmill or elliptical trainer with all of this pitching and rolling....

Posted by Lori at August 07, 2004 10:28 AM

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