August 06, 2004
Slot Silliness, Plus More Bingo and Even More Food

We washed Nassau off and changed clothes upon arriving back in our stateroom, and shortly after I wrote the last entry, the ship left port. After some yummy wild mushroom soup and other goodies at the Garden Cafe, we spent the rest of the afternoon gaming: We entered the "Victory at Sea" slot tournament (again, not so much in hopes of winning, but rather because we thought it was hilarious that what you do in a slot tournament is hit the Spin Reels button as often as possible in five minutes—we just *had* to try it ourselves), and then we dashed from the casino to the Spinnaker Lounge for another round of Bingo. The main draw here, in addition to the fun of bending back the numbers on our perforated cards (and the proximity of the Spinnaker Lounge to the Garden Cafe, which was serving its Afternoon Snacks), was that we earned raffle tickets with every card purchase. The raffle drawing, which will be held at tomorrow morning's Bingo session, is for a cruise for two—something we'd like to win so we can give it to my parents. I think they'd enjoy cruising (even the stops in port). I was one number away—N 49—from winning the last Bingo round, but Mike, the wonderfully goofy Assistant Cruise Director (second only in goofiness—and command—to Cruise Director Colin, the Scot) called N 48 instead, and somebody else got it. Oh well; as I said, we weren't in it for the jackpots anyway. It just would have been nice to yell "BINGO!"

I'm sitting here reading a Jane Austen mystery and jotting down notes about our day while Al hits some golf balls up on Deck 13; I suspect we'll go stuff ourselves silly again at the Garden Cafe upon his return. Tonight's buffet theme is Italian; though that's not a very exciting prospect, I've learned that there will always be something yummy to eat up there. If nothing else, the salad and dessert will be worth seconds, I'm sure.

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