January 08, 2004
Day 26: The Fridge

The fridge just went in!! I am already loving it, and I haven't even put anything inside it yet. It's taller than I am by about three inches, and I don't have to bend over to look inside it.

Ron is downstairs working on the upper trim for the cabinets, and Jack and Rylan are busy fixing a problem our home inspector spotted back in September: Part of the siding has deteriorated, causing a leak. The old owners noticed the leak and replaced the roof, but the roof wasn't the problem, so the inspector said it would leak again for sure if we didn't repair the siding.

I'm realizing as I look at the photos I just took that I don't need to ask Jack about the corner cabinet—Ron is in the midst of installing the hinges that will allow the cabinet to open all the way.

the fridge, still with its blue protective coating on the corner cabinet doors, now with hinges

Posted by Lori at January 08, 2004 11:33 AM