December 09, 2003
Day 6: The Rice Disappears, Along With the Drywall

Jack and his partner/assistant/worker bee arrived fairly early this morning, around 10am. I was upstairs in my room, quietly writing a few Christmas cards while they argued loudly downstairs. Lots of "fuck off!" and "don't you tell ME to fuck off!" and so on. After about 10 minutes of this I got up to do my morning step workout, and they must've realized I was home, because the arguing ceased. Or at least, I couldn't hear it over the music.

By the time I finished my post-workout shower, they were gone, and the rice and the drywall went with them. I don't think we were expecting the drywall to come down; maybe it was too icky to keep?

Today's photos show, from left to right, the area where the fridge will go, the plywood subfloor, the wall with the chimney flue (i.e., the fireplace is on the other side, in the living room), and the wall adjacent to the stairwell.

the corner where the fridge will go the subfloor, after the tile had been pulled up the chimney wall the wall adjacent to the stairs

Posted by Lori at December 09, 2003 06:40 PM