January 12, 2004
Day 28: The Dust Bowl

Ron was here for about an hour this morning, doing the final sanding on the kitchen ceiling and a few other spots that had been spackled. He vacuumed when he was done, of course, but there's still a layer of fine dust on everything from the second level down to the basement. (The garage, meanwhile, is buried in sawdust, some of which has made its way into the storage room, basement, and front hall.)

We knew when we opted to stay in the house while the remodel was going on that it would be practically impossible to keep the house clean, and that there would be some dust. We figured it wouldn't be too bad, given that there was no sand-blasting or wall removal involved (as there was in Al's boss' kitchen), and really, it hasn't been. I am pretty tired, however, of our house feeling like a cocaine-cutting den.

Posted by Lori at January 12, 2004 03:47 PM