August 20, 2003
Flux and Upheaval, Indeed!

When I conjectured that 2003 may turn out to be the year of flux and upheaval, I had a niggling idea that in addition to selling my house in Truckee, we might also sell Al's house in Mountain View and move elsewhere. I also had a niggling idea that we might move out of the state, possibly to the east coast. I *don't* think I'd considered that I'd leave my job, but it does kinda fit with the flux and upheaval theme, no?

For anyone who doesn't read avocado8 and hasn't yet gotten a personal e-mail from me making the announcement, we are moving to Philadelphia in September. Al was offered a job there, and the idea of living closer to our families was irresistible, so we're leaving a place we love and heading east. Hopefully we will enjoy our time in Philly as much as we've enjoyed our time here; we figure even if it doesn't come close to matching the Top 10 Things I Love About the Bay Area, Center City Philadelphia has its own charms, namely:

  1. It's 2:20 from my sister, 2:20 from my parents, 2:30 from Al's parents, :51 from my aunt Jancy, and 1:31 from Al's brother and my friend Clem.
  2. It's extremely walkable. There are cafes, shops, bookstores, newsstands, and markets on every corner, no hills, and plenty of tree-lined streets.
  3. You say tomato, I say gelato. Philly has some of the best of both.
  4. It's got one of my favorite markets anywhere. Reading Terminal Market was about the only thing I'd ever seen in Philadelphia until this June (because once you've seen the Market, why would you go anywhere else?)
  5. It's close to Europe. Al and I had a fabulous time in Seoul in January, and now we'd like to explore some European countries together. I'd especially like to take him to Ireland, where my Hylan ancestors are from.

OK, that's only 5 things for Philly, but hey, we haven't even moved there yet! Give me time!

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