December 11, 2003
Day 8: Something Electrical This Way Comes

Something electrical was going on today. I arrived home from a quick trip to Home Depot (I removed the built-into-the-wall towel and tp holders from the upstairs bathroom, and I needed drywall patches to cover the holes) to find the garage blocked by Jack's Nissan Frontier. He moved it so I could get the car in, but I still had to do the limbo under a piece of PVC propped across the door into the house.

I introduced myself to the guy on the ladder in the kitchen, since he seemed to be a recurring character. He informed me that his name was Rylan, and he was Jack's "angry, 24 year-old son." That explains all the arguing.

Jack pointed out to me that the shaft with the fireplace flue in it was now open, so if I wanted him to run coax through the bedroom floor, he could do it. (We've been running a cable up the staircase from the living room until we can arrange for a "wall fish," as the cable installer called it, and it's totally sucked. We keep tripping over the cable, and it looks horrible.) I said I thought it sounded like a good idea, but I'd check with Al to make sure he didn't have something else in mind. Al OKed the idea too, and Jack ran the cable.

Some of the electrical/cable running work involved taking off the wall plates on either side of the fireplace in the living room, and in the process, a couple tiny pieces of metal—square with a hole in the center—ended up in Annie's bowl, which was under one of the plates. I caught her trying to eat one of them around 4:00; I hope there weren't more that she actually got down.

Jack also mentioned that the cabinets had shipped; "they have to go to a distribution center first," he said. So maybe we'd misunderstood about the date—I guess 12/10 was the shipping date rather than the arrival date. I told him that the appliances would be coming on Tuesday, and he said fine. I hope there'll be somewhere to put them, because surely we won't be at the appliance-installation stage by Tuesday...

The photos from today show the PVC pipe (now in the kitchen); Jack's bags of electrical tools; some new lightbulbs hanging from the ceiling; and more wires, probably associated with the phone and cable. (Jack asked if he could move the phone jack from the not-very-useful spot next to the stove/cooktop over to the dining room wall, which made sense to me. I also asked him to run some cable over there, in case I want to have a TV in the kitchen while I'm cooking.)

a new pipe arrives (and leans against the wall) something electrical is happening a temporary bulb more wires!

Posted by Lori at December 11, 2003 07:29 PM