September 17, 2002
Great Wedding Freakout Finally Arrives After Long Delay

While going over the calendar with Al a few weeks ago, I pointed out our trip to Baltimore/Washington over Labor Day, and then said, "that means that the Great Wedding Freakout happens here [pointing to September 4], the day after we return. We'll have a month and two days until the wedding at that point, and that's when it'll probably hit us."

"Mark it on the calendar, then," replied Al. I did.

Strangely, when we returned from our Labor Day trip, we were both totally calm. Everything was going well, we seemed to have everything under control, and we weren't nervous. Every morning we'd wake up and say or think, "I guess the Great Wedding Freakout has been delayed!" I think we secretly hoped it wasn't coming at all.

Well, it arrived yesterday, full bore, like it had been gathering strength just off the coast. It hit when we looked at the calendar and saw only three items for the next three weeks: Bridal Shower on 9/22, Dad's 60th Birthday on 9/24, and Bleach Hair, on 9/27. We knew there were a zillion loose ends left; why weren't they on the calendar? Were they too small to merit being placed on the calendar? Were they so small that they were likely to slip through a crack somewhere?

And so it began. We made lists of everything we could think of that remained to do, and then compared lists. Surprisingly, they overlapped by only about 10%. I'm glad both of us are working on this, because I obviously couldn't do it alone!

Posted by Lori at September 17, 2002 09:54 AM