August 31, 2002
Lori's Rules of Golf
  1. Don't pick up my ball for any reason.
  2. Don't mark my ball for me on the green (see rule #1).
  3. When removing the flagstick from the cup, don't place it anywhere that an errant putt might hit it.
  4. Don't look at me when I'm swinging.

There are probably others, but these are the ones mom took note of when we were playing together on Saturday. Mom & I rode in one cart, since we were both hitting from the red tees, and Dad and Al rode in another, since they were both hitting from the whites.

We played the Bear Creek course near my parents' house; it's a hilly course with interesting holes that I really like. Al noted that it wasn't really conducive to his style of play, since the yardages were relatively short, and the fairways narrow. It's actually a more challenging course for women, now that I think of it; the slope is quite high, and so are the distances.

I had a pretty terrible game—and screamed a few expletives at various intervals as a consequence—but it was fun to be out with Al and my parents. My mom's a hoot to golf with, and she's the next best thing to Al when it comes to a cart partner, but I really did miss Al's patient smile greeting me after each shot.

After golf we went to dinner at Park's Landing, where Al was able to order two steamed crabs, green beans, french fries, and a crabcake sandwhich, and also share some of my steamed shrimp. Call it the Maryland seafood sampler. Mom then suggested that we go for ice cream (!), so we did that, and then we walked around historic Uniontown for a bit. Mom took me there yesterday because she wanted to look at the buildings up close, and I'd seen a Victorian property that would be a perfect bed & breakfast, so I wanted to show it to Al.

With only about 15 of the 5000 calories we'd just consumed burned off, we headed back to mom & dad's to play Catchphrase. Two hours and a couple laughter-induced asthma attacks later... here we are, ready for an early bedtime. Tomorrow we go to Columbia to meet up with Mr. & Mrs. Cho.

Posted by Lori at August 31, 2002 06:47 PM