August 30, 2002
Meet the Parents

Can't remember if I mentioned that Al & I were going to be in the Baltimore-Washington area this weekend. The idea behind the visit is to introduce our parents, who live 90 minutes apart by car, to each other. I came yesterday (that's how I could write such a long entry—I was on a plane—and Al arrives today. I'm at the airport right now, waiting to pick him up. (He missed his flight out of San Jose this morning, so he took slightly later flights from SJC and DEN.)

I've already gotten to spend a night with my sister, which was really nice. I hung out with Lisa and Mattalyn, my niece, while my brother-in-law took Jake, my nephew, to soccer practice. When the kids had eaten and gone to bed, Lisa and I stayed up talking and watching the Thursday night lineup on HGTV. She also worked on my back a bit (something's been out, and it's been causing weakness in my left leg).

This morning Lisa, Ken, dad, and I, along with Bubbles, Archie, and Angus (the dogs) saw the kids off on the school bus, I helped Ken with a few computer tasks, and then Lisa and I drove to the school so Lisa could do a couple things for Mattie's teacher. I got a tour of the school, bought a pencil from the dispenser in the hall for twenty-five cents, and felt relieved not to be a kid anymore.

After the school, Lisa and I went shopping at Kohl's for about 30 minutes, and then we met mom for lunch at the Amish market in Westminster. I'm glad I suggested we meet for lunch; it was fun to have time with my mom and sister. Since the rest of the weekend is about the parents, it was really the only opportunity for the three of us to hang out.

Tonight and tomorrow night Al and I will spend with my parents. We have a tee time at Bear Creek Golf Course at 11am tomorrow, and we're all crossing our fingers that it won't rain. (I think Lisa is secretly hoping it will, so she & the kids will get to see Al.) I haven't played golf in a while, and I'm eager for the four of us to go out. I don't think my parents have ever played golf with Al before; he's an amazingingly good sport, so it's an almost guaranteed good time.

On Sunday morning we'll drive to Columbia, an hour from my parents' house and an hour from the Cho's condo in McLean, where the six of us will have brunch at the Waterside Restaurant in the Sheraton Columbia. Hopefully our parents will like each other, and they'll have things in common to talk about. (Golf, for one thing.) After the meal we'll say goodbye to my parents and follow Mr. and Mrs. Cho to their place, where we'll spend Sunday and Monday nights. Mr. Cho has arranged for us to play 9 holes together on Monday, so we'll have another chance for golf even if it rains tomorrow.

Posted by Lori at August 30, 2002 02:19 PM