August 05, 2002
Whimsy Anyone?

In preparation for our next meeting with the officiant (this Thursday), Al and I spent a bunch of time this weekend going over our pre-marital counseling questions. I'm glad we talked about all this stuff, but after all the weighty discussions, I need a whimsy injection. I need to laugh my butt off, and I especially need to laugh my butt off with Al. We've been too serious lately.

On a recreation-related note, hockey is going well, but even that is adding a level of difficulty to the planning process: this season we have only four 7:30 games, but we have five 9:00 games and six 10:30 games. The late ones are really hard on me now, because I never seem to catch up on my sleep for the rest of the week, and I can't get up early enough to bike to work. I think I've mentioned before that lack of sleep + lack of exercise = cranky Lori. Lately it's not so much that I'm cranky, it's that I feel lumpy and unproductive when I can't get enough sleep or enough exercise.

Finally, a bright side with no underlying shadow: mom told me yesterday that Anne and Peggy will be coming to the wedding. They bring whimsy wherever they go, so I imagine a few "Anne and Peggy are coming, Anne and Peggy are coming" affirmations in the mirror each morning will get me through the day with a smile.

Posted by Lori at August 05, 2002 10:03 AM