Open Hockey Possibilities

I feel like I'm dying without hockey. I could count on hockey every Monday night at least, plus either Saturday and Sunday, if not both, most weeks. Now that the Freeze season is over, I'm worried that (a) my skills might lapse, (b) my conditioning level will drop, (c) I won't be able to eat whatever I want (as I do now), and (d) I will seriously miss the endorphin/exhiliration rush. Consequently, I've been looking for opportunities to skate. It's Al's turn to play in a league this season (he sat out last season), so I probably won't join a spring league unless I can be sure that it won't conflict with his games.

In addition to the Monday-night women's open hockey that starts in April at NE Skatezone, I've found the following (coed, which means mostly men unless a bunch of us women decide to meet up) open hockey slots in the area:

UPenn - Fridays, 1:15pm - 3:15pm
This would be my first choice, given that I live only a mile from the rink, but sadly I have meetings at 1pm and 2pm on Fridays. Drat. I used to go back before I started working full-time again, and usually there'd be three or four of us skating around and practicing our shots.

NE Skatezone - Monday-Friday, 12pm - 2pm
This rink is too far from my house to make lunchtime sessions, unless I have the day off (as I do on April 23). Hmmm, I should mark that down on my calendar.

NE Skatezone - Friday & Saturday, 10:15pm - 12:15pm *
I could make these sessions most weekends, if anyone wants to go. This weekend my parents are coming to visit, so maybe I'll see if Al wants to go with me while mom, dad, and the Beaner are all home sleeping.

NE Skatezone - Wednesdays, 6am - 8am
Shelly and Meghan tried this one morning, but I believe Shelly got stuck in rush hour traffic on the way back. Probably worth trying if you live or work close to the rink, as Meghan does. Not a possibility for me because I need to get the Beaner to sharecare on Wednesdays.

NE Skatezone - Sundays, 7:15am - 8:45am
Morning sessions are generally harder for me to make than late-night ones, especially on weekends, so I'll probably skip this one.

Pennsauken - Tuesdays & Thursdays, 6am - 8am
Better days for me, but EARLY! Might try it if Al's games end up competing with the nighttime slots.

Pennsauken - Saturday & Sunday, 8am - 10am
(New time starts March 31; this weekend it's still 7am-9am.) A possibility if the Beaner sleeps in.

Pennsauken - Fridays, 10:10pm - 12:10am *
Another promising slot. Basically it's a toss-up between Pennsauken and NE.

Pennsauken - Saturdays, 9:15pm - 11:15pm *
(No session 3/24.) This one seems like it could be fun; it's 14 & over rather than the usual 18 & over, which means getting royally deked by kids half my height and 2/3 my weight. I had a great time shooting against a 7 year-old goalie one night, though (more of the net was open), so it could be a good confidence-builder, too. Angie G., take note!

If you know of other open hockey sessions or want to try to get something going for one session or another, add a comment!

Posted by Lori in | March 23, 2007·02:15 PM


the Pennsauken friday night hockey is packed. All guys... they aren't super sweet but they're also not super good. NE skatezone usually has youngins and they are jerks. I'm up for trying friday nights at Pennsauken again.

Posted by: ghetto at March 23, 2007 2:30 PM