October 01, 2002
Guest Gaffes

Had another wedding dream last night. This one didn't start out as a wedding dream—I think when it started Al and I were at the Republican National Convention (god knows why; perhaps we were spying)—but soon I realized that we were in a castle-like manor in the country, getting ready for our wedding. When I walked into one of the rooms to answer a ringing phone, I found that Al had already picked it up and was saying, "OK. Yep, OK. We'll see you when you get here, then."

I was like, "who was that??" I forget who he said it was—a friend from work and his wife, I think—but they were calling to RSVP for the wedding. Sorry we're so late in replying, blah blah blah, but we're coming. "Jeez, they're cutting it kind of close, aren't they?" said I. "The wedding's tomorrow!" It's odd, because I remember thinking that I didn't feel as indignant as I sounded.

Next thing I knew, I was waking up in the bed that's in my bedroom in Truckee (I recognized the linens), but it was out in the gravel driveway at the manor. I was wearing a long nightgown and the big, boofy Mickey Mouse slippers I had when I was in college. (I think the college cue was important, because I remember thinking at first that the large group of guys walking toward the driveway from the adjacent lawn were fraternity brothers.) I then recognized some among them and realized that they were wedding guests. I saw Matt L., and said to someone off to my right, "where's Eric L.? I need to talk to him." My voice sounded sleepy.

That someone on my right (not among the group of guys) pointed to Matt, who looked at me and smiled warmly, but did not say anything. "No, that's Matt. I need Eric." While the person who had pointed walked off to find Eric, I got up on my knees on the bed and waved Matt over. He continued to smile until he got close, and then he hugged me and said, "long time no see. I'm so happy for you." I thanked him and hugged him back. It was great to see him.

Eric then appeared to the right of the bed, and I scootched over to sit on the edge and talk to him. "Who are all these people?" I asked him. "Half of them seem to have called yesterday to say they were coming. What's wrong with them? Didn't they know we had to give a final count to the caterer last Tuesday?"

Eric replied, "You know why they replied yesterday, don't you?"

Me: "No, why?"

Eric: "Because the weather's nice. They all decided that they wanted to get away for the weekend."

Me: "I wanted to have people at my wedding that I care about, not people who want a weekend getaway! This isn't a vacation destination, it's a wedding! How are we going to feed all these people?" At this point I definitely felt more indignant than before, but at the same time that I was feeling concerned and annoyed, my body felt totally relaxed. These people might have been rude to impose on us so, but I would not be. I would be gracious and welcoming, and above all, calm.

Posted by Lori at October 01, 2002 09:15 AM