September 29, 2002
Al Pleads Insanity

You gotta know that when your fiance starts a conversation with, "I have something to tell you that's probably going to make you mad, but all I can do is plead insanity...", it's not going to be good. What came after that sentence wasn't *so* bad, but let's just say that it added yet another curve in what I thought was going to be a relatively straight walk down the aisle. (I'm not going to say what it was, because while I congratulate myself that I've managed to strike a balance between diplomacy and complete honesty so far, there's no way to accomplish it in this situation.)

Anyway, we were just talking about when we were going to do the walk-through with the caterer and the park director, and the only time it's looking like Al can do it is on Wednesday between 3 and 4:30. I said, "well, we can always just leave work a little early on Wednesday. I have to take you to hockey for a 7:30 game, get a pedicure, and pick up Sandy from the airport that night anyway, so maybe it'll just be good to do the walk-through and then get a coffee and have some time to ourselves before all hell breaks loose. No one will miss us at work, I'm sure."

Al said OK... and then he looked at his schedule more closely. "Why can't I do the walk-through on Thursday?" he asked. "Because you'll be in the city with Lisa, Dad, and the kids that day," I replied. "Oh. [pause] I don't have any more PTOs." (PTO = paid time off.) Me: "Didn't you put in for time off for the wedding and honeymoon?" Al: "I put in for the honeymoon, but not for the days before the wedding." Me: "Would you like to plead insanity again?" He grinned.

He just called out from the living room: "Man, this is a lot of time to take off for the wedding and honeymoon." I stepped in and gave him a look that said, "buddy, you'd better have a good lawyer if you're going to plead insanity again," but I said nothing. "I'm just thinking out loud," he said.

Posted by Lori at September 29, 2002 10:22 PM