September 09, 2002
Wedding-Free Weekend Woes

During our second meeting with the officiant, she suggested that sometime before the wedding we take a wedding-free weekend for ourselves. The idea would be to get off the wedding planning merry-go-round and remember why we're getting married in the first place.

Luckily we've had time to reflect on why we're getting married already, because trying to plan a wedding-free weekend has left me stressed out and depressed. I've planned a freaking wedding and honeymoon already, and now I have to plan a weekend? It's too much. The original picture I had in my head was that we'd spend a day working on projects at Al's house (painting the bathroom, fixing stuff, organizing, whatever), and then we'd go out to dinner and maybe check into a hotel somewhere. Sunday we could spend at the hotel, going for a drive, walking on the ocean cliffs, or something else peaceful and private.

Al then mentioned playing golf, so I tried to find a hotel that's near a golf course. My first choice, the Half Moon Bay Golf Links, has two nice hotels adjacent to it, but both are booked. I next tried the east bay, but it seems like it's all business hotels over there. Starwood Preferred Guest has weekend escapes, but they all involve flying somewhere else. I found a romance package at the Doubletree Hotel & Suites near the airport (it backs up to the Bay Trail, and I've always wanted to stay there), but the nearby Poplar Creek Golf Course has no tee times until 4:30pm on Sunday.

I think it was while searching for tee times at Poplar Creek that I finally reached my limit and slid into misery. I banned golf. I don't want to play golf. I feel rushed when I play golf. It eats up 5 hours of precious weekend time, for pete's sake! Plus, we just played over Labor Day, and we're going to play a bunch on our honeymoon, when time isn't a big deal.

Banning golf isn't enough, though; I'm still miserable. I want a pleasant weekend to plan itself, dammit!

Posted by Lori at September 09, 2002 03:37 PM