August 14, 2002

I just lost an entire entry because I forgot I was working offline and tried to submit the post. When the "cannot find page" message came up, I automatically hit the Back button without thinking, and lost an hour or more's worth of witty observations about makeup. Maybe I'll try writing about my love/hate relationship with lipstick again later.

Meanwhile, as I fished around in the mail bin tonight looking for RSVPs, it suddenly occurred to me that I'd put U.S. postage on the reply envelopes that I'd sent to people we'd invited from Korea. Holy 80-cents-for-airmail, Batman!

I'd been so proud of myself that I'd remembered to put additional postage on the reply envelopes as well as the outer envelopes for those invitations. Miraculously, it never dawned on me that the folks there would need *Korean* postage to send back their replies. Good thing they're all calling Al's dad to RSVP, anyway.

Posted by Lori at August 14, 2002 08:37 PM