August 10, 2002
Dress Success

Sandy and I have just had an incredibly productive day shopping. We're bone-weary and sleepy and have no interest in shopping for at least another 30 days, but we got a lot done.

At our first bridal shop appointment of the day, Sandy tried on five dresses, the fifth of which turned out to be a Jim Hjelm design that I had torn out of a magazine. It looked fabulous on her. It'll obviously need to be hemmed, since bridal and bridesmaids' gowns are cut to a length that's suitable for someone who's 5'9" to 6'0", and Sandy is 5'1/2". But the only other alteration needed is to take up the straps a bit. Other than that, she could have worn it out of the store and stopped traffic.

We put an order in for the dress, put down a deposit, and declared victory. On to the mall to find shoes, which she'd need for the fitting. We drove to the Natick Mall and started in Filene's. Since the dress is an irridescent lavender, we were advised not to try to dye shoes to match—they wouldn't. So I figured Sandy could just wear the same sandals I'll be wearing: a pair of taupe Bandolinos with about a 1.5-2" heel.

Filene's had no Bandolinos, so we went on to Macy's, which is where I'd bought mine. They had a few pairs, but no sandals, so we went on to Lord & Taylor with fingers crossed. They didn't have my sandals, but they had another pair that would work even better with Sandy's dress. They're a bit lighter, and with thinner straps. She also thought she'd wear them with other outfits, which is good.

We were then free to peruse the mall aimlessly, which neither of us is particularly interested in or good at. We made a valiant effort, though; I looked at wedding bands in a few stores (and found one that actually works, though the store didn't have my size), I bought oodles of SpongeBob paraphenalia and some thank-you notes at a card store, Sandy got a Raggedy Andy figurine at Noah's and some new sheets at Filene's, and I bought a couple bracelets.

By 5pm we were sick of shopping and hungry to boot, so we headed for the Dolphin restaurant in Natick Center for a yummy seafood meal. I always forget how great the scallops are here in Boston—so sweet. After dinner we headed back to Canton, and I took a walk down to the Walgreen's and back. Now, at 9:15pm, we're both ready for bed. G'night!

Posted by Lori at August 10, 2002 06:18 PM