August 08, 2002
One Ringy Dingy, Two Ringy Dingy

After spending a couple days feeling very down, I'm my normal half-serious/half-silly self again. Thanks to Kristin for listening to me moan about all my issues on Tuesday—it really helped. I think I was sort of putting this deadline on Big Issue Resolution: October 6, 2002. I'd expected to have my whole life to sort out all the big issues! And then I realized... I still do! Nobody says we have to agree on everything in less than two months. We just have to be aware of where the pitfalls lie, so we can work around them and be prepared to compromise.

So anyway, today much brighter than Tuesday was. Nuff said.

Last night Al and I went wedding band shopping. Bands are more expensive than I'd anticipated, and it's turning out to be very difficult to find something that looks right under my engagement ring (which is really more of an anniversary band; I'm not a solitaire person. a solitary person, yes, but a solitaire person, no.). Al found a couple that he liked, though, so at least finding one for him shouldn't be too difficult.

Posted by Lori at August 08, 2002 10:29 AM