July 30, 2002
The Master Plan

Created the master calendar last night, color-coded and everything. Payments due are in orange, travel is blue, to-do items are pink, and days off from work are green. I think it helped both of us to see the landscape.

I'm supposed to hear from Ice Oasis today about whether having a pre-wedding party there on October 5 will work, and if so, what hours we can have. I need this info for the invitation inserts, so the invites are all ready to go except for that. I'm very excited about sending them out; Al and I spent some time this weekend folding them, and we both were really happy with the effect. They're so lovely.

Oh, and the Sheraton stuff got settled on Friday. Mom & Lisa both made reservations, and it's now at the top of our list of preferred hotels. Hopefully we'll get a bunch of people to stay there, so they can all interact with one another. It's a perfect hotel for that; just what Lisa wanted.

Posted by Lori at July 30, 2002 10:48 AM