July 29, 2002
Bra, Slip, and Shoes

I've scheduled my first dress fitting for August 5, mainly because I'm (a) pretty sure my weight isn't going to fluctuate wildly between now and the wedding (though I *did* lose 20 lbs. between my first maid-of-honor dress fitting and my best friend Sandy's wedding back in 1992...), and (b) I've got a bunch of travel planned in the next couple weeks, so I want to get it over with. Plus, if anything goes wrong, there'll be time to fix it.

Of course, that puts some time pressure on me, since I'm supposed to "come prepared with bra, slip, and shoes." I have none of these things. Well, I have a pair of shoes that might work, but they're not ideal. Strapless, backless bras that fit are proving hard to find, and god knows if I really need a slip (and if so, what kind). I wish I liked to shop, or that I had "shopping girlfriends". I could use a hand.

Posted by Lori at July 29, 2002 03:03 PM