July 26, 2002
The Salmon Taste Still Lingers

You'd never know it from the dearth of entries from Al, but he does have things to say about the wedding planning. He just hasn't found time to write them all down.

Went for a tasting at the caterer's office today. I LOVED LOVED LOVED the spinach salad, thought a couple things were OK, and only hated one (the coconut shrimp). Of course, there were a couple things with meat (which I don't eat), walnuts, or pesto (I'm allergic to walnuts and pine nuts) in them, so I didn't try those. We finished with a rather large piece of salmon; I only ate two bites because by then I was fairly full (and hot, dinner-style salmon wasn't what I had in mind for breakfast). If it were up to me, most meals would consist of salad and dessert, so I'm fine if all I have to eat is the spinach salad and the cake. I'm going to leave the rest of the menu up to Al.

After we tried the food, we had to come up with a color scheme for the linens and a style for the presentation. It was all a little too much for me; I want someone else to use his or her professional experience and make the decisions without me. I tried to convey my personality by describing myself as "someone who has funky hair and plain GAP clothes", but for some reason the coordinator equated "funky" with lucite pillars. =:o I had to come up with another image, fast.

I spotted a photo of a table setting they'd done at an elegant mansion, and noticed how simple and stunning it was. I pointed to it and said, I want that—a plain yet elegant setting, something that almost fades into the background—but with a punch of color, like fuscia napkins or something. I think she finally got it.

In the car on the way back, Al and I discussed the visit, and I think we've come up with a color scheme that will make us both happy. I think we're going to go with hunter green tableclothes and peach napkins, and the punch of color will come from the flowers (hopefully done in fuscia, purple, peach, and a bit of Dreamweaver green, if I can arrange it—literally, since I'll be doing the flowers myself).

Posted by Lori at July 26, 2002 01:25 PM