July 23, 2002
More Miscalculation

Totally freaked out yesterday when I realized that I had written one more check than I had funds to cover. Well, I had funds, but not in the right accounts. Al helped me transfer money from one account to another, but today the one check that was still outstanding (that I'd written three weeks ago) bounced because the transfer takes five business days to clear. Arrgh! The recipient of the bad check was really nice about it, and I've straightened it out, but I'd like to pass along one thing I've learned from this experience:


Don't get me wrongóI'm thrilled that my mortgage rate dropped by more than one percentage pointóbut refinancing means coming up with cash (for closing costs, additional interest, funding a new escrow account, etc.) at a time when you've also got to come up with deposits for the venue, cake baker, printer, photographer, and other associated wedding personnel. It's just asking for bounced-check-and-wire-transfer mayhem.

On a bright note, the invitations came in, and I was able to pick them up this morning. They look great! I'd had some second thoughts after we ordered them (are these the right ones? would another design have been better?), but when I saw them with our names on them, I knew we'd made the right choice. They're really lovely. Of course, they're also "customer assembly required", so I'll be folding oodles of transparent wraps and attempting to stuff the invites and RSVP cards into the inner envelopes and the inner envelopes into the outer envelopes in addition to addressing the little buggers. I hope to jump start the project this weekend.

Posted by Lori at July 23, 2002 04:35 PM