July 21, 2002
Vaaaaaaaalerie, I Love Her

Just wanted to note in here that I had a lovely, wedding-free weekend courtesy of my friend Valerie. We'd been working on different schedules and hadn't had a chance to get together in a long while, so we scheduled some girl time for this weekend.

Al opted to stay home and catch up with his friends, so Val and I got a weekend to ourselves at my house in Truckee. The car trip in each direction gave us ample time to talk, so when we got to the house we could just relax, work on projects, and have some quiet time. I baked a lemon cake for Al's 35th birthday, and Val, an experienced baker, helped me figure out what to do when I was one 9" round pan short. She spent some time in the sun on the back deck while I planted flowers out front, she read a book while I wrote to Al's mom, and together we watched a movie followed by HGTV's entire Design Time Saturday Night lineup. It was so great. We both agreed that we could have used another day—it seemed a shame to have to come back to the Bay Area this morning.

So here's to Valerie: Thanks for injecting a little sanity back into my life!

Posted by Lori at July 21, 2002 11:51 PM