July 19, 2002
July 18, 2002 - It was my birthday today. My 35th. I kept on forgetting it was my birthday. Everytime someone would wish me 'happy birthday' it was 'oh yeah, it's my birthday'.

- I ran into Kristine and we couldn't stop talking about weddings. I notice I talk about weddings alot. It's sort of like a club you join. I guess that's part of the ritual, being able to say 'ah, welcome to the club' and 'now you know'. It's like an instance bond. I notice it does change your perspective on weddings. I now realized the importance of RSVP-ing and of course, I had no idea how much money, time and effort went into planning a wedding. I guess it's sort of a badge of honor.

- I also think the inexpensive wedding is an urban legend. I hear things like 'I know a friend of a friend who made everything and bartered for other things and got married for only X number of dollars'. I don't believe it.

Posted by Al at July 19, 2002 06:54 PM