October 20, 2002
Sleepiness Sets In

We've been SO LAZY this morning. I think it's partly because we stayed up late watching Game 1 of the World Series followed by the episode of the Sopranos that we'd missed earlier in the week, and partly because we've been driving/traveling so much. It was nice to sleep in and then stay in bed watching SpongeBob and HGTV this morning.

Now we're up and showered, and we're about to go out to the Best Buy we noticed on US98 last night. We haven't used the microwave or the CD player that we bought in Santa Fe (we either ate out, got room service, or found rooms that already had microwaves in the remaining hotels on our route, and we ended up listening to the radio or reading each other stories from USA Today instead of playing CDs as we drove), so we're going to return them. We still do need a microwave at home, so we'll buy one when we get back to Mountain View.

After Best Buy we're going over to the golf course to meet Marcus for a 2:30 round. Hopefully it's not too hot out; we got a little taste of the Florida heat yesterday, our first since we started our trip. Until Florida, the weather had been remarkably cool and dry, even in Dallas and New Orleans.

Posted by Lori at October 20, 2002 09:33 AM