October 17, 2002
Oysters and Beignets

This morning Al and I went out to explore the French Quarter a bit. First stop: Cafe Du Monde for beignets. I've been to the Cafe twice as part of two separate scavenger hunts, but I've never sat down to eat before. It was really pleasant sitting in the open-air cafe, taking photos and waiting for our order to arrive. It's difficult to describe how truly amazing the weather is here right now, with temperatures in the 70s, very low humidity, and a nice breeze. It would be de riguer for Northern California, but for here it's extremely unusual.

After we'd licked the powdered sugar off our fingers, we walked past Jackson Square to Bourbon Street. I showed Al the sign for Gumbo Heads, which always makes me laugh. I bought a cap there, and then we dodged the hucksters trying to get us to come into their bars for 3-for-1 drinks and headed for the Acme Oyster House.

The wait outside was very short because we opted for two stools at the bar (something I wouldn't do again because my thigh bones are rather long´┐Żnot good for stools´┐Żand my knees still sore from the fall on the ice the day before the wedding). I tried to keep my knees from brushing the ceramic tiles facing the bar and ordered a fried oyster po' boy and a root beer. Al got a half-dozen raw oysters, a red beans and rice platter with sausage, and a root beer.

I was struck by how muddy the oysters were; I'm not a raw oyster eater anyway, but after watching them being shucked before me, I'm not likely to become one in the future. Al said they were good, though, so he was happy. The meal was delicious, and we enjoyed talking with the oyster shuckers while they worked. I'm so glad I got my po' boy, and that I got to share Acme with Al.

After Acme we poked around a bit more and then came back to the hotel room for a little rest. We'll go out again in a couple hours, I'm sure. Mostly we're trying to enjoy the places we visit *and* get some sleep and quiet time. We need it after all the craziness that preceeded the wedding.

Photos from Day 10

Posted by Lori at October 17, 2002 02:56 PM