19 May 2003

Hockey Freak

I'm sad to say that the Minnesota Wild have been eliminated from the playoffs by the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim. :( I never thought Minnesota would even make it to the third round, but now that they're out, I'm bummed that there will be no more Wild games to watch until September or October at the earliest (and those will probably have to be against the Sharks, or they won't be televised out here). I'll be rooting for the Ducks in the Stanley Cup series, which should be going on while we're in Vancouver this weekend. Of course, so will the Colonial. I think Al is going to TiVo at least the first two rounds, though, so at least I can see those when I get home. If Annika makes the cut, we might not see much of Vancouver—we'll be glued to the TV watching golf and hockey between my games.

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Speaking of Vancouver, I am SO EXCITED to go. I really love this tournament, and I love staying in North Van. I can't wait to re-visit my favorite haunts and share them with Al. (Heck, I can't wait to stock up on peanut butter, cheese, apples, and almond cookies from Canadian Safeways, and go shopping for other snacks at the Canadian Superstore across the street from the hotel. I love supermarkets, and oddly enough, so does Al.) We'll also probably spend some time downtown and around Stanley Park, since Al's never been there before. *And*, if I can find one, I hope to come home (not to mention play in the tournament) with a new Synergy stick. The trick will be to find one with a Modano curve; that's the most popular one, and last year both Cyclone Taylor and Larry's Sports had sold out of them for the year by May.

Before we can go to Vancouver, though, we have to play in our Gang Green game tonight at the Ice Center. We haven't played a game since last Saturday, so both of us are dying to get on the ice. I'm starting to wonder if once a week is really enough for me; I might have to go back to playing two nights a week to get my fix. Or I could start going to those Thursday-night practices... I'd love to go to the one this week, but with our flight leaving at 8am the next day, I need time to pack. (Plus, I'd rather not pack wet gear.) Next week for sure.

so eager to play I can hardly stand it

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24 May 2003

Game 1: Eugene Xtreme

Our first game was at 9:45pm tonight (well, technically yesterday now, since it's the wee hours of Saturday) against the Eugene Xtreme. After skating a couple shifts in the first period, I figured we should be able to take this team. They were about our level (except for two players who stood out as strong skaters and puckhandlers), so I thought we'd have a good shot against them.

We brought only 6 players with us from California (including our goalie), so we had to recruit some Canadian subs in order to have two full lines of forwards and D. Jocelyn came out from Regina again this year, and she brought her friend Marlene (who couldn't make it last year because she broke her arm days before the tournament). We also picked up three local players: Amber and Deb, who played on a line with Michele, and Sarah, who played D. Jocelyn also played D this time, along with Shauna and Sabrina. I Centered a line with Felicia at Left and Marlene at Right.