So. Much. Pain.

Ugh, had a major head-to-head collision in last night's game against Team Silver, and it's left my neck a throbbing, stabbing mass of pain. I'd hate to think what the pain level would be like *without* the four Advil I've ingested this morning (not to mention the ice I put on it last night and the four Advil I took then as well). It feels like I was in a car accident.

The guy who hit me was not wearing a shield or cage, so he got a bloody mouth; not sure if he suffered whiplash or a concussion. Both of us finished the game despite having knocked each other flat on our backs. I also biked in to work this morning; I'm trying to carry on mostly as usual and hope that my neck loosens up eventually. A massage is probably in order once I can tolerate anyone touching me...

Posted by Lori in Sunday I-League | August 26, 2013·10:17 AM